Welcome Acolytes to the Dorado System

The Dorado system is a network of worlds surrounding a medium sized sun-like star with a large habitable zone. Terra-forming during the Dark Age of Technology has expanded it’s habitability, leaving two orbiting worlds and a dozen moons colonized by human life.

Planets of note:

Dorado Prime (Moon) : A paradise world and capital of the Dorado system, this archipaelego moon orbits the systems largest planet the Gas Giant Hyacanthus. It’s population is approximately 3 billion and it’s main export is fish. It is however mostly used by the imperial elite to rule the system from comfort and luxury. All official business occurs on the almost literally ivory towers rising up from it’s many oceans.

Cuauhtemoc: A Feudal world populated by an ancient warrior people. It is from here that the “Sun Brothers” Space Marine chapter derive their troops, using the proud warrior traditions to breed truly relentless, honorable, and grossly incandescent Space Marines. However the actual Chapter presence within the great pyramids that dot the world is limited, as their deployments are frequent and brutal.

Acero (Moon) : A Forge world devoted to the manufacture and distribution of the systems unique variety of aircraft, chimeras, and miscellaneous gun boats. They also produce a unique pattern of lasgun and a line of combat knives.

Nelli (Moon): A shrine world devoted to the conversion of the systems tribal religions into a form more in line with the imperial cult. The Ministorums efforts have been successful (fortunately for the systems citizens) and the “Lord of Sunlight” that the peoples of the system tend to worship was easily re-attributed to signify the God Emperor of Mankind. Since the revelation the imperial citizens born within this form of the imperial cult have proven to be as zealous and pious as any, erecting massive golden statues of the Emperor and conducting regular games, celebrations, and tournaments in his name.

Yaotl: A death world used as a secret forward operating base of the Officio Assasinorium and as a training base for the systems Imperial Guard Regiment, the R.A.F.D. (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Dorado)

Tlaloc (Moon) : An Agri world that provides food mainly for imperial tithe.

Necalli: A formerly pristine dead world that was scorched of all living things by a cataclysmic event sometime in the distant past.

Welcome Acolytes to the Dorado System

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