Inquisitor Dahlia Slehdaine

The Acolyte's Inquisitor


WS: 50 BS: 45 S:35

T: 44 AG: 40 INT:32

PER: 31 WP: 60 FEL: 55
H: 11 AR: 11 B:11 AL: 11 LR: 11 LL: 11

INF: 75

Half : 4 Full: 8 Charge: 12 Run: 24 Threat: 28

Bolt Pistol, Power Sword

Skills: See page 296
Talents: See Page 296, Complete Control, Fated, Shield of Contempt, Inspired Institution
Traits: Unnatural Strength (1)
Gear: 4 Bolt Pistol clips, Inquisitorial Rosarius, A book of the Imperial Creed, Microbead, Rebreather, Power armor
Fate Points: 4


Inquisitor Slehdaine has come to the Askellon sector to investigate the growing taint of heretical contraband in the sector. The artifacts are being purchased and distributed in such an unprecedented number that it has drawn the attentions of Lady Slehdaine and her carefully chosen Acolytes.

Or at least, that’s what she told her allies. Truly she is in pursuit of a goal much more personal, and with repercussions far more dire than simple xenos contraband. An old ally has contacted her for assistance in settling a blood feud with a powerful and mysterious enemy.

Inquisitor Slehdaine is a confident inquisitor that prefers to keep a small group of Acolytes under her command. The remaining tasks that would require a larger force she handles with a small regiment of guardsmen called “The 23rd Inquisitorial Legion.” What happened to regiment 1-22 remains a mystery.

She uses whatever means are at her disposal to complete her objectives and she has no tolerance for cowardice or incompetence. Everyone is expendable to her at the moment, so the acolytes should tread carefully to stay within her favor.

Inquisitor Dahlia Slehdaine

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